striper report 6.30.13

Well this weekend was a tale of two days for me.  Saturday morning in between dodging thunder and lightning, Jeff and I managed to respectfully land about a dozen or so on a small olive and white flatwing. The fish were the cookie cutter mid 20’s we have been seeing regularly.  I do not have a problem with it.  I love seeing all these smaller fish. But hey being a fly rod junkie quantity has always been my thing. Oh and as I was tying up the boat for the day Jeff managed to take 5 fish from my mooring as I closed the hatches…  unreal.  It was rediculous.

Sunday was a different ball game. Beautiful morning, light wind, fish everywhere in Salem Harbor. Had he same fly on as yesterday but I ended up feeling like Jagr, as I could not find the back of the fish for the life of me… I think at one point I was the only guy in the fleet not tight on a fish.  Finally I got 2 on a chartruse and blue flatwing.  I have no idea what the deal was. It was very strange.  Same size mid twenties.


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