When I first started fly fishing in the small streams and brooks of Jackman, Maine (pop. about 700) I was still playing Little League Baseball.  Not even a teenager, I fished with my father, my older brother and some of my closest friends on those small but magical flowing waters. The memories of those days will never escape me. Casting a 5 weight for native brookies or using ultra light spinning gear with trout hook and worm produced not only a bunch of fish but a passion that continues to stay with me throughout my life.  I can still remember walking miles of railroad tracks to get to Little Gulf Stream.The coldest water on earth in Stony Brook and the time I almost got run over by the old man’s 1979 Jeep Grand Cherokee as the trucks’ E-brake failed and rolled violently down the hill into Churchill Stream. Close one!

I don’t get to fish those waters anymore as I have not been up there in quite some time. I assume there are still logging roads with trucks driving 60 mph on them, sounding that huge roar as they speed by with 5 tons of lumber. I would think Holeb may have a bigger population, although my brother is the mayor. I also assume that some of the  scenes on route 201 have changed.  I know there are a few broken George Thorogood cassette tapes on the side of the road and I hope the Northland still stands; maybe a game of horseshoes!

Today it is mostly all about the saltwater.  I started catching stripers on the fly back in 1995. It has changed everything. It is the preferred addiction.  I also finally started tying!!! Addicted to that now too.  I have fished primarily on the North Shore of Boston. I chose the 127 theme as I have spent an enormous amount of time fishing the coastline that runs along this route. By land, in my waders running the beaches and by sea in my 20 ft Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman hovering along the rocky shoreline. This is home, and it has plenty of places to go after these great fish.  In 2007 along with one of my best friends Bob Cook we started Fat Tuna Guide Service. You may see some links ect. on this blog. Feel free to let us know if your interested in any of our offerings and we thank you.

That’s about it. I hope you find this site interesting and please share your thoughts with the masses.  Good luck out there and remember,

” If you don’t stop, smile on the way by!”             ……. yeah, you’ll figure it out.

-Matt Kelleher


2 thoughts on “about

  1. Good stuff! It made me sad to here ur not fishing up in ME anymore – That’s why u have to come steelhead fishing. Just like the Albies, except in a river 🙂
    Only 4 months left till the bass come back…
    Cheers, e

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